About Us

Flavour that is carried through generations

About Us

A delightful evening snack is the perfect accompaniment for memorable moments spent with your loved ones. Gomathi Sweets & Backery has spiced up such lovely moments with mouth-watering delicacies which are relished for over generations with the same authenticity and flavour for all the years.

Gomathi Sweets & Backery dates back to over a century in delivering unforgettable flavours with their authentic sweet and savoury treats. In 1914, M.S Shanmuganadar began a small sweet shop in a quaint little town of Sattur in Virudhunagar District in Tamil Nadu, India. The uniquely flavoured and wonderfully textured sweet and savouries started attracting customers from all around and in no time became an identity for the Sattur town. Our star item that took our identity across the globe over the years was our Kara Sevu/Sev. It is a right blend of spices with a delightful crunch that will leave you wanting for more!

Gomathi Sweets & Backery is currently run by the fourth-generation entrepreneurs who have successfully carried the legacy of the brand over the years. The recipes used in preparing the popular sweets and snacks are handed down generation after generation. The recipes are carefully followed to the dot to maintain consistency in the taste and texture of the treats. Our staff are personally trained to make sure the process is completely authentic and with yesteryear finesse. To keep the flavours and aroma top notch we take extra care in sourcing quality ingredients with no compromise.

We are certified by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards of India) and we meticulously follow their standards to ensure hygienic and high-quality products to our customers. Being the pioneers in manufacturing authentic sweets and snacks we have doubled our food safety and quality standards to assure the best for our varied customers including corporates, events and retailers.

Why Us

About Us

Gomathi Sweets & Backery's century old reputation is a testament to our quality and taste. Our flavours and standards have given us a unique identity in the food map of the country. With such legacies in place, Gomathi Sweets & Backery promises the best in every way plausible. Few irresistible qualities of Gomathi Sweets & Backery include

  • A century old tradition for your palate
  • Original recipe personally handed down over 100 years
  • Unbelievably consistent in taste and texture
  • Accredited by FSSAI to assure quality
  • High quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods
  • Stocks are freshly made every day, packed and distributed for increased flavour and shelf life